Her Story

H.E.R. stands for Hallie Elizabeth Robison and is also an acronym for the three points of focus Hallie implements in her design approaches and passions in design and in life.

Holistic design is defined as an approach that considers the psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of a space's occupants. Whether the space is a home, business or institution, a holistic design approach promotes harmony and balance for the people that use it.

Ecological design is defined as a method of designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens and outdoor spaces that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem and foster landscapes that evolve and sustain themselves over time.

Restorative design is defined as an intentional process, one that creates a built environments that promote wellness, economy through conservation, and a more meaningful connection and relationship with nature.

As the founder of H.E.R. Life Designs, Hallie E. Robison brings a unique blend of qualifications and experience to the table. With a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and design from Mercyhurst University, she combines her passion for creating inspiring spaces with a deep understanding of environmental impacts on human psychology. Hallie's journey into holistic well-being led her to become a certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and her commitment to ecological consciousness and sustainable living led her to become a certified Ecological Leader through the Lake Erie Institute. Continuously learning and growing, she builds her toolkit of transformative tools to apply to her passion for design.

Dedicated to researching and sharing proven solutions for today's global challenges, Hallie advocates for accessible design solutions to drive a more sustainable future. At H.E.R. Life Designs, she seamlessly integrates her diverse skill set to offer a holistic approach to design, drawing inspiration from sacred space design, biophilic principles, ecological consciousness, and mindfulness practices. Her focus remains on promoting wellness and sustainability in every project, empowering others to co-create a future that uplifts and inspires.